AE/ECE Team Places First in Micro Aerial Vehicle Competition

About GTAR

The Georgia Tech Aerial Robotics Team (GTAR) is a team of students, faculties, and staffs of Georgia Institute of Technology who represents the Institute in the International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC).

The GTAR team has been participating in IARC since its debut in 1991, and also hold the record of winning the most missions. The GTAR team also participated in the Spring IMAV 2011 competition at which the team won first place in both outdoor events.

UAV Operator Michael Cancienne, Dr. Girish Chowdhary, and Dmitry Bershadsky

The Georgia Tech Aerial Robotics (GTAR) team took first place in the Spring 2011 International Micro Aerial Vehicle Competition, in Huntsville, Alabama.  Georgia Tech took first in both the outdoor autonomy and outdoor flight dynamics competitions.  The Micro Aerial Vehicles were restricted to 1m in the longest dimension.  

The GTAR team consists of undergraduate and graduate students as well as researchers from the School of Aerospace Engineering and the School of Electrical and Computer engineering. Lockheed Martin Associate Professor of Avionics Integration Eric Johnson in the School of Aerospace Engineering is the faculty advisor for the team.

Georgia Tech teamed with Atlanta area based Adaptive Flight, Inc. (AFI), who provided one of their Hornet micro unmanned rotorcraft systems.  Georgia Tech modified the hardware and software for the two missions of the competition.


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