Intel Partners with College of Engineering in New Degree Program

The Fab, Sort, Manufacture (FSM) College of Engineering, Intel's corporate university, and the highly ranked Georgia Institute of Technology College of Engineering have partnered to bring Georgia Tech's distance learning Master’s degree program in Electrical and Computer Engineering to FSM.

With a globally dispersed employee group, the distance learning aspect of this three year program is attractive to Intel FSM employees around the world by providing the flexibility to take courses while managing their work and life needs.  As adjunct faculty of Georgia Tech, the FSM faculty brings Intel technical expertise to engineering courses while enriching and broadening the academic knowledge learned through Georgia Tech's Electrical and Computer Engineering program.

With two employees already enrolled in the program for the Spring 2012 semester, enrollment is expected to grow to above thirty come Fall.  While the elective courses are currently restricted to Intel employees, the program looks forward to broadening its partnership and collaboration with the institute in the future for the benefit of both Intel and Georgia Tech students.