International Experiences

One of the best qualities an engineer can have is a well-rounded and broad perspective. Traveling the world and experiencing life as a student or worker in other communities is key in developing their own unique perspective. At Georgia Tech, over 56% of students have an international experience before they graduate.

This international experience might be the duration of just a summer of studying abroad or a whole degree program. It can be anywhere from Costa Rica to Japan. One thing is for sure: studying or working abroad helps develop new skills, independence, and the self-confidence to survive and succeed in the global marketplace; puts engineering theory to practice in the real world; improves foreign language skills; and gives graduates a competitive edge on their resumes or graduate school applications.

Study abroad in New Zealand. 

Study Abroad

Georgia Tech sends nearly 2,000 students abroad each academic year, and 62% of engineering students study abroad. Ready to join them? Studying abroad gives you an opportunity to improve your global competencies, while meeting their academic goals, as students are able to take classes to fulfill their degree requirements. Today, employers are making it clear that they are looking for graduates who are not only talented in their fields, but who can also work in diverse groups, adapt quickly to new cultures, and contribute to global expansion efforts. Studying abroad offers you the opportunity to gain significant international experience, language proficiency and intercultural aptitude as part of your degree requirements, making you ideal candidates for competitive positions in today's global economy.

62% of engineering undergraduates have had international experience upon graduating.

International Partnerships

Georgia Tech’s work has international impact, so it is only right that the Institute has campuses around the world and partners with various other institutions. These collaborations afford students the opportunity to study, work, research, and obtain entire degrees at foreign institutions. Explore our most influential international partnerships below.

Students in Peru.

International Plan

Georgia Tech College of Engineering students also have the option of adding an International Plan degree designation to their studies at the College. The International Plan is integrated into the student’s major and students take international economics coursework, become proficient in a second language, and must complete a two-term period, 26 weeks, of international experience combining study abroad, international internship, or research. All nine Engineering Schools offer Study Abroad opportunities.

The program prepares engineering graduates to succeed professionally and personally in the global economy. The challenging program contains components of language, residence and academics. The International Plan degree will be designated in both the transcript and the diploma.